Who Are We?
We are a Global Online Talent Assessment Company that empowers businesses, academic institutions, Non-Profit or Non-Governmental organisations with deep talent insights while enabling better hiring and development decisions. Through our robust and highly secured and test engine, coupled with rich, advanced analytics, interactive and intelligent assessment tools, we drive great business results and people ROI for our customers. Proficiensy.com platform offers a customized and
advanced platform, to assess the talent helping our customers screen and select the right set of skills and competencies and attitude that compliments the organisation’s culture.

The use of Psychometric assessments has become entrenched in corporate,
educational, clinical, forensic and other contexts, because of its ability to improve our insight and decision-making when it matters. Organisations look for people with good judgement – an interpretation of the evidence that points to the right choice.

When good judgment is used your clients experience many benefits, including:
Higher levels of job performance and engagement through better staffing and
development decisions
Better information on which to base interventions and processes.
Higher levels of self awareness among staff – a basic requirement of effective teams,
managers and leaders.
Risk management in key positions with regards to, for instance, integrity or
Reduced employee turnover
HR directors, Learning and Development managers, Educational Psychologists and
other assessment users trust us to:
● Source the best psychological assessments available nationally and
● Conduct research with those assessments to ensure their validity, reliability
and legal compliance in our local context.
● Provide high quality, efficient and personal support to you as you need it.

Proficiensy Point of Difference
No one size fits all, hence Proficiensy custom-made assessments are designed and developed after a thorough analysis of the customer pain areas and requirements, thereby enabling drastic reduction in their hiring cost and time. Proficiensy customers leverage the next-gen features to enable their people decisions and draw the best people ROI.

Our Values
Customer Centric Standard solution doesn’t work for all. From designing the test page to the analytics & reports, we work on every minute detail to ensure a highly customized solution, offering ease of use in the stipulated time.

Innovative & Digital Savvy
Since the digital is disrupting and transforming our way of living, we continuously develop our platform to offer the best user experience. We have invested on latest tools to help customers with their Just-in-time requirements with an ease of usage.

Reliable & Secure
We deliver powerful yet practical platform experience that justifies your investment. We value customer data and ensure 100% secure data handling environment. Our dedicated team builds and deploys tools that ensure accuracy and reliability of the results delivered.

Process & People Driven
We are a learning organization . Our team is diverse with varied and rich experience, adding up fresh perspective to solving problems, decoding challenges and making our assessment services versatile. We engage with creative problem-solvers who enjoy being challenged by problems of scale and complexity, and a strong desire to deliver a seamless user experience.

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