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A Modern College and Career Readiness Platform

Proficiensy is a complete set of tools to enable secondary schools and post-secondary institutions to improve student performance and empower educators.

Support The Entire Student Planning Journey With a Single Platform

From educating younger learners about potential careers, helping explore and learn about their potential, exploring trends in technology needs or learning about different industry needs – ProficienSy can support your entire Career Planning Journey.

Supercharge Your Counseling and Career and Technical Education Departments

See what the students have done in real-time (activities, assessments, favorites, college and career goals, etc.), to see a student’s trajectory and interests in their own plans.

Reporting Made Easy

Built-in Reporting You Can Rely On  

Proficiensy’s straightforward and powerful Educator Tools contain everything you need to support your student’s paths to future readiness. Progress tracking, critical alerts and benchmark reporting – all at your fingertips.

For secondary schools

Prepare students for real-world success

Are you a careers leader, head of sixth form or deputy Head Teacher looking to better equip students with the knowledge, skills and plans to succeed in school, career and life?

Proficiensy is a whole-school approach to careers guidance that will engage your students. Turn-key lessons support your careers education curriculum. While powerful reporting tools show off the progress of your careers education strategy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]