Education Sector Intro

Career Interest
Proficiensy Selector is a universal assessment that identifies a student’s interestas well as their unique intelligence.

The profile is useful in and recognizing the path most
suitable for the particular student. The test has two parts, the first part assesses interest areas and is based on John Holland’s RIASEC model. This is followed by an intelligence test based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory.

The Multiple Intelligence theory enhances career selection in that it recognizes that a person can be successful through the use of creative thinking both at work and in everyday life.

Successful performance in a career for example, often requires the creative use of a combination of two or more intelligences.
❖ Research has found that career seekers often gain greater clarity for selecting college majors or career goals when they are provided with information about their multiple-intelligences profiles as well their interests or preferences


Career Values

The Career Values scale students in gaining insightful information about their work values, preferences and needs. This is fundamental for anybody in order to achieve their personal goals and overall job satisfaction. The value scale will assist the student to establish organisational and personal fit based on their core values, which has been proven to promote productivity and individual success within the organisational environment.

Employability Development Program

Employability Development Program is ideal for graduating candidates. It combines relevant skills of Business Communication, Critical Thinking Skills, Life Skills (Personality and Behavior) and Interviewing Skills for building employability.

Employability Test

Employability Test focuses on the strength and development areas of graduating students. The test measures candidate’s Behavioral Skills, Critical Thinking Skills, Numerical Reasoning, Learning Ability, and Collaboration