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Lack of engagement is costing us

Employee engagement is a worldwide problem and the outlook is rather bleak. Sources such as Bersin and Gallup have told us that only 13% of worldwide employees are actively engaged at work, and that figure doesn’t seem to be shifting very much over time.

Engagement isn’t just something that’s nice to have – it actually has a real world impact on your organisation’s bottom line. A meta-analysis conducted by Gallup of over 1.4 million employees found that firms with more engaged employees have significant advantages over organisations with low engagement, including:

21% greater productivity
When employees are highly engaged, they’re much more productive and produce more output.

37% lower absenteeism
Engaged employees are far less likely to take unscheduled leave

48% fewer safety incidents
Interestingly, engaged employees also behave more safely. In healthcare, they also lead to 41% fewer patient safety incidents.

41% fewer quality defects

When employees are engaged at work, they’re more likely to pay attention to quality and care about quality outcomes.