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Our assessments meet the highest psychometric standards while being a positive experience for test-takers and enhancing your company brand with applicants.

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Why Assess

Scientific Assessments are powerful tools used by organizations for the selection, development and management of people. !


5 Reasons To Use Psychometric Testing

site-img20Human instinct has little better ability to predict who will be successful than rolling a dice, and interviews a predictive validity similar to putting applicant names in a hat and pulling one. Good psychometric assessments however can give a predictive validity of around 0.6 – 0.7. They can reliably predict who will be your best performers. In practical terms, 17 of the 20 best performers on the tests will prove to be above average job performers. Definitely better than gut feel.

site-img21Psychometrics are standardised. They give all candidates the same opportunity to demonstrate their reasoning abilities, skills and behavioural competence, regardless of where they obtained their matric or degree from. Psychometrics ensure that all candidates are treated fairly and measured against a common yardstick.

The use of psychometrics can lead to substantial gains for an organisation in terms of increased output and efficiency, better quality staff, higher morale, more effective performance, lower training costs and reduced turnover. Independent studies show that those using assessments in both pre-hire (talent acquisition) and post-hire (talent mobility) see:
– Revenue +12 % and profit + 11 % per FTE **
– 47 % greater hiring manager satisfaction
– 15 % greater 1st year retention
– 18 % greater new-hire performance
**Full-time equivalent (FTE) is a unit that indicates the workload of an employed person in a way that makes workloads comparable across various contexts. An FTE of 1.0 is equivalent to a full-time worker, while an FTE of 0.5 signals half of a full work

site-img2Globally, 52% of organisations across 14 countries now use online assessments.
A fair selection process creates a powerful first impression of an organisations brand. As does a professional, easy to use, technologically streamlined online assessment process. Use both to help to position you as an employer of choice

Our psychometric reports are designed to provide data on the key behaviours and abilities required for success in the role. They are not full of psych babble. They are beautifully designed, succinct and relevant to the role. They include a talent match score, based on your organisations decision model, comparing candidate results against those criteria identified as key. The clearly reported results, talent match score and summary of key strengths and limitations in the role makes it easy for you to make informed decisions.

Aptitude and Ability

Ability or aptitude tests are consistently shown to be the best predictors of workplace effectiveness. Using the right ability tests as part of a recruitment process can bring a significant return on investment by helping to ensure the right person is chosen for the role.

Personality Assessments

We use the most powerful, best-in-class personality questionnaires for predicting performance and potential. Understanding what makes people tick, how they are likely to behave and the personal characteristics they bring to a role, will help make informed, higher quality selection, promotion and development decisions.

Creativity & Innovation Test

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of theprinting and typesetting it has the randomised words. Innovation is critical to the business success of many organisations. But knowing how creative and innovative someone is, can be hard to assess. Innovation is the most critical factor in gaining competitive advantage – whether it’s through improvements to business processes, enhancements to products or services or by entering new markets. But to innovate requires creativity and the ability to put creative ideas into practical use.

Practice Tests

All you need to know about taking part in Online Assessments Have you been invited to complete an assessment? Are you curious to know what it is like to do a test? Especially when it is your first time completing assessments, you are sure to have questions! We have collected the most frequently asked questions around online assessments and have provided you with answers and a range of helpful tips below.

100+ Feature Sections

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Decision Making Potential

This assessment is intended to identify an individual’s ability to operate effectively at increasing levels of complexity and uncertainty. Ideally there should be as good a match as possible between an individual’s capability and the responsibilities with which they are entrusted. When people are in flow they are energised, they feel they know where they are going, uncertainty is manageable and decisions come readily. When people are either over or under-whelmed by the challenges of their work there is a negative impact on efficiency that the out-of-flow condition can produce.


Detecting who is going to cause problems in your company Absence from work, fraud, or dangerous conduct causes a lot of damage. Being able to predict counterproductive work behaviour is of great practical importance in order to save enormous costs.